Sheet Metal Forming

Eliminate Galling, Reduce Maintenance with PVD Coatings!

Metal Forming — Eliminate Galling, Die Polishing, with PVD Coating!

Sick and tired of polishing dies after 300 – 400 hits? Galling and die polishing will be a thing of the past with our high-performance, PVD coatings. 

The lubricity, hardness and abrasion resistance of these PVD coatings reduces friction between the sheet metal and tool, resulting in 8 to 40 times longer tool life, more press up-time and improved part quality. 

In addition to our coating service, we also offer polishing and surface prep services to ensure that all contaminants that could adversely affect coating adhesion are removed.  PVD coatings will not adhere to oxides or EDM recast, so we do hand polishing, mass finishing and tumbling, often at no extra cost, to ensure you get a high-quality job each and every time.

Coating Benefits Include:

  • 6 – 10 x longer life over uncoated form tools.
  • Reduced die galling, better lubricity, less die polishing.
  • Reduced friction, resulting in better forms, higher quality parts and less need for lubrication.
  • More up-time and less rework, all resulting in more profits.

CrN Coated Form Tool

Recommended Coatings

Our best coating for tough metal forming applications is CrN. It has excellent lubricity, is very tough, and has good wear resistance.  If you have stainless steel applications where galling is an issue, CrN is your solution.

Alpha™ and TiCN are good, all-purpose coatings that will provide 2 – 4x life over TiN coating; while TiN coating will provide 2 – 8x life over uncoated tools.

Alpha™ Coated Form Tool

What Our Customers Have to Say

I just want to say that your Alpha™ coating is amazing. Our operators are not very vigilant at removing the abrasive laser dust and slag but still the coating holds up. Some blocks you Alpha™coated for me over a year ago are still looking great. Never picks up any base metal and even with minimal lubricant, we can wipe 3/8″ thick, grade 80, hot rolled into a tight channel!  It seems to get better with more pressure, after a while it becomes a darker brown and gets even slicker. We used to polish a few times a run. Now, with the Alpha™ coating, we have never had to polish, we use less lubricant and have a better looking product. I will continue to use Alpha™ over any of the competitor’s coatings due to the durability, price, and your turnaround.  Thanks for all your help, you make my job a lot easier!”
​Thanks, Chris  – Metal Forming and Punching Customer

You’re Not Making Money Polishing Dies!

Eliminate Galling & Run Dies Longer with PVD Coatings!  ( 888-245-2804)